In connection with my application for employment with Ray Walker Trucking, I understand that one or more reports may be obtained. These reports may include the following information: names and dates of previous employers, reason for separation of employment, work experience, accidents, etc. I further understand that such reports may contain information concerning my driving record, drug and alcohol testing information, and worker’s compensation claims. I hereby consent to Ray Walker Trucking updating said reports upon my separation from Ray Walker Trucking.

I hereby authorize my previous employers for the past 3 years to release and forward to Ray Walker Trucking all information regarding my:

  1. Record of alcohol and controlled substance testing, in accordance with Parts 382 and 40 of the FMCSR (49 CFR Part 382 and 49 CFR Part 40, section 40.25).
  2. Record of safety performance history, including employment dates, work history and accidents, in accordance with Part 391 of the FMCSR (49 CFR Part 391).

This authorization shall remain on file and shall serve as ongoing authorization for Ray Walker Trucking to obtain said reports at any time during my employment period.

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